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Sofa Covers Shop Online in Pakistan

We have several branded sofa covers at the best rates even better than daraz. We deliver all around Pakistan but have special urgent delivery of sofa covers in Rawalpindi. The fabric is easy to clean and lasts for a long time. Suitable stain, best for children’s use. 100% Guaranteed. For a more secure cover, we use a nice and thick fabric cloth of excellent quality. It helps to keep the dust and stains from your sofa set. We have some lovely ready-made sofa covers in Pakistan that will give your sofa a new lease. It protects your sofa from dust and stains.

We loosely create sofa covers, allowing you to use them on any type or size of a sofa. To make it stretchable, we’ve used elastic strips. For convenience, the sofa cover may be machine washed.

Our company delivers three-seaters, five-seaters, a six-seater, and a seven-seater sofa cover. High-density flexible fabric cotton jersey with a back length of 32-47 inches. Our couch covers are stretchable, and they can fit several sofas. Carefully measure them before purchase.


Advantages of sofa cover online Pakistan

A Sofa cover has an elasticized bottom and no straps. Our unique sofa cover holds the slipcover firmly in place. Some other qualities are:

Eco-friendly sofa cover:

It has superior fabric that is elastic, durable natural environmental. It is an Eco-friendly spandex fabric. Solid colors are available. Not only does it protect your sofa from spills and stains, but it also revitalizes its appearance.

Easily fit:

It fits easily, and this chair/sofa cover is suitable for usage in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, workplace. It is also used in hotels, wedding banquets, celebrations, ceremonies, and many other places where required.

Changeable and washable:

It’s quick and easy to put on and take off, and it’s skid-resistant, so it stays put. Ideal for families with pets and children.


Our slipcover will keep your furniture safe from spills, stains, and general wear and tear.


For easy care and maintenance, machines wash separately in cold water on the gentle cycle, without bleach or ironing. Our Lycra Jacquard Small Checks Couch Cover comes with the following features: Gentle, soft, and comfy, made of 85% polyester and 15% cloth.

Give your sofa a delightful new look with its high stretch and craftsmanship, which ensures a perfect fit for most types of furniture.


We provide the best ready-made sofa covers in Pakistan

We provide an Elegant stretch sofa cover and Elastic sofa slipcover protector. There are many colors available in our store. It includes light coffee, light blue, dark grey, dark coffee, and camel bubble couch covers.

Sofa cover garments consist of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This garment is sturdy and stretchy. This trendy couch sofa cover is highly stretchable and well-made, making it suitable for various sofas.

Comprehensive, as the name implies, refers to the fact that the protection is complete. This sofa cover is fantastic and used on any sofa. You may stretch the slipcover to its maximum tensile strength. Due to the raised-dots design, hair or fur from yourself or your pet may remain on the surface, but vacuuming removes it. You don’t have to be concerned about the fabric fading or shrinking after washing.

We have a variety of Sofa Covers Designs.


Sofa Cover Prices in Pakistan

Order sofa covers online in Pakistan at a reasonable price in Rawalpindi, Karachi, Islamabad,and Faisalabad. It’s all about the comfort of your silk sofa covers. These covers are made from the finest silks and tailored with absolute accuracy. These are excellent for a bad fit because they flow all over your sofa (like silk does), hugging it in the most awkward bends. Silk covers are the laid-back comfort you never even knew you wanted. It removing all sweat and discomfort. Delivers a supreme degree of relaxation.It keeping your sofa spick and span throughout its life. Using a decent and proper sofa cover is the most cost-effective option.

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